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Applying for a rental property

In most cases Landlords require tenants to be in full time employment, this is because of rent guarantee insurance that Landlords commit to. You would need to be earning at least 2 1⁄2 times the annual rent. If required a guarantor maybe requested, the guarantor would need to guarantee for the whole rental period not just the initial 6 months. You would also have a have a good credit history.


How long would I sign a tenancy agreement for?

Usually a tenancy agreement is for an initial 6 month period.

After the fixed term has ended and by agreement with the Landlord the lease can then be renewed for a further 6 or 12 months or automatically renew of a periodic (monthly) basis.

Why do I have to pay a fee on applying for a property?

The fee is an administration fee, not a credit check fee. This covers our administration costs in obtaining references, preparing tenancy agreements and inventories and move out inspections.

How much is the administration fee?

The cost is £125 per applicant (exc VAT). An applicant is any person over the age of 18 who will be residing at the property. Guarantor administaton fee is also £50 (exc VAT) if required (please see Tenants Fees Section for breakdown of all fees).

Are there any other fees to pay throughout my tenancy?

No. Once you have paid your initial administration fee there are no other fees to pay throughout the term of the tenancy this includes renewal of tenancy agreements and move out inspections.

What deposit (bond) will I have to pay?

The normal deposit (bond) is one month’s or six weeks rent. All deposits will be held by the Deposit Protection Service (The DPS).

What will I have to pay on the day I sign for the tenancy?

Yes you will need to pay your first month’s rent plus the deposit (bond). This can be paid by cash on the day or 48 hours prior to move in date if bacs transfer payment. We cannot accept credit cards or personal cheques.

Do I need insurance?

No but we recommend you obtain contents insurance to cover your own belongings and personal property. You do not require buildings insurance as this is taken out by the Landlord.

How do I pay my rent during my tenancy?

Your rent needs to be paid via standing order and should be cleared into our account on your rent due date. If your rent is going to be late you should contact the relevant office to inform us when the payment is due to be received into our account. We actively discourage late rental payments as this will jeopardise your tenancy.

Who is responsible for Repairs/Maintenance?

The Landlord is responsible for repairs to roofs, boilers, and electrics and such like. You have a tenants obligation to change light bulbs, smoke alarm batteries, keeping drains clear etc. To report repairs please contact our office.

What notice do I need to give to end my tenancy?

We require 1 months’ notice in writing (not email or verbal) to end your tenancy this runs from your rent due date. This notice must be received by us at least 3 days before your rent due date and it is your responsibility to ensure we have received this notice correctly and on time. If you have a fixed term tenancy your notice to vacate cannot be accepted until 1 month before the end of this agreement.

What notice can a Landlord give to end the tenancy?

If you are on a fixed term tenancy the Landlord has to give 2 months’ notice to vacate at the end of the current tenancy. If you are on a periodic tenancy they can give 2 months’ notice to vacate on your rent due date.

How do I get my deposit (bond) back at the end of the tenancy?

When you have returned the keys to us at the end of your tenancy, we will carry out a move out inspection to which you will be asked to attend. If the property has been left in a good order and there are no issues and you prove all the final utility bills have been paid, we will instruct the DPS to refund your deposit (bond).

If however, there are repairs/cleaning/removal or rubbish or items you will be given an amount we wish to deduct from the deposit (bond) if you agree to this deduction we will instruct the DPS to refund your deposit (bond). If you do not agree to the amount requested the DPS will then arbitrate between yourself and the Landlord and they will agree on how much if anything is deducted.

Please be aware that it is not WW Estate Agents Lettings Limited that decide what is to be deducted it is the Landlord of the property. Please be aware that the majority of the above questions are relevant when we are managing the property. If a Landlord choses to manage the property themselves then you would deal directly with the Landlord.